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Walk in the Park

Once you have been diagnosed with a chronic illness such as ME, you will want to learn as much as you can about your options for treatment and self-care.  Your physician may have experience with the disease or have read something about it but is not familiar with the range of symptoms or how best to begin to help you.  NavigateME is our answer to some of your general questions and concerns.  This program seeks to address problems unique to your circumstances by providing helpful resources and valuable information.  It is not a replacement for your physician's medical advice. 

Attentive Therapist


Library of Information

Holding Hands

Care Giving

Wheelchair Accessibility


Organic Vegetables


US government building

Government Agencies

Physical Therapy Session

Physical Therapy

Test Tubes

Ongoing Research

Meditation Hand Gesture

Mental Health


Find a Specialist

Don’t let the world rush you or tell you who you should be. Go at your own pace and sing your own song.

~  Lorin Deschene

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