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"Right to Try Bill 2.0" is the law!

With only minutes to go in the 2023 legislature, SB 283 passed the Nevada state legislature and was subsequently signed into law on June 12th, 2023, by Governor Joe Lombardo. This bill addresses a critical need affecting our infection-associated chronic disease community. Specifically, SB 283 enables physicians to prescribe or recommend investigational drugs, biological products, or devices to patients diagnosed with life-threatening or severely debilitating diseases or conditions.

We want to thank the Primary Sponsors of the bill, Senators Julie Pazina and Fabian Donate, and their Co-Sponsors, Senators Skip Daly, Marilyn Dondero Loop, Edgar Flores, Dallas Harris, Roberta Lange, Dina Neal, Rochelle Nguyen, James Ohrenschall, and Melanie Scheible for their hard work and dedication. In addition, this bill would not have been possible without AB188's original sponsors, Assemblywoman Heidi Kosama and Senator Ohrenschall. Other sponsors included Assemblymen Ken Gray, Bert Gurr, Brian Hibbetts, Gregory Koenig, and Toby Yurek.

Our special thanks to Assemblywoman Sarah Peters, Chair of Assembly Health and Human Services Committee, and Assistant Majority Whip (North), for her kind introduction of Annette Whittemore, CEO of WPI, on the floor of the Assembly and for using "Myalgic Encephalomyelitis," ME, rather than chronic fatigue syndrome when discussing WPI's primary concern.

As the beneficiaries of this crucial legislation, patients with ME who qualify may soon be able to access a novel immuno-therapy created by Davina Biotech.

Nevada 2023 Legislature, Image by Nevada Indy

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